Tangless CoilThread

  • FOD-Free Design: No tangs to break off, retrieve or lose.
  • NASM8846, NAS1130, and NA0276 Certified.
  • Cost Reduction: Decreased installation and inspection time.
  • Bi-Directional Design: No insert orientation requirements.
  • Quick, Non-destructive Removal: No damage to the parent material.
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CoilThread Inserts

  • Lower pricing than competitive inserts.
  • Complete range of unified and metric sizes, locking and non-locking, bulk and strip-feed.
  • Meets or exceeds all applicable military, aerospace, and commercial standards (MS and MA Certified).
  • Exact cross reference to Heli-Coil Inserts and Recoil Inserts.
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CoilThread Tools

All KATO CoilThread tools work with Heli-Coil®, Recoil, and Boellhoff inserts!

KATO is the original inventor and manufacturer of the bi-directional Tangless® screw thread insert. KATO Fastening Systems, Inc. (KATO) was established in 1997 to serve the North American fastener market. KATO manufactures the revolutionary Tangless® CoilThread Insert, standard CoilThread (tanged) inserts, and Hexatorq (constant torque precision hinges).

KATO Tangless Inserts are identical, in form, fit, and function to conventional tanged inserts (e.g.,CoilThread, Heli-Coil & Recoil). In fact, Tangless CoilThread Inserts are identical to tanged inserts in every way except for their method of installation & removal. KATO Tangless inserts even have the same procurement specification (NASM8846 for unified sizes and MA1565 for metric sizes) as tanged inserts. KATO Tangless inserts eliminate tang break-off and retrieval, are easily adjusted after installation, and offer non-destructive removal. In addition, Heli-Coil and Recoil Tangless inserts are manufactured under license from KATO!