Part Numbers

For fast and accurcate part numbers and techinical information on specific inserts try out the KATO Product Wizard.

Example of a KATO CoilThread Tool part number:


Tool Type1
Tool Style2 Thread Designation3 Size Designation4 Component / Replacement Part5
Blank for CoilThread (Tanged) KHE - KATO Hex Electric C - Unified Coarse Chart Below G - Nylon Guard (where applicable)
2 - Prefix for CoilThread II Tangless Inserts KPE - KATO Prewinder Electric F - Unified Fine H - Adjusting Sleeve Housing without Nylon Guard (where applicable)
KRE - KATO Round Electric M - Metric M - Mandrel/Mandrel Assembly
  S - Spacer Set (includes 3 spacers + 1 thick shim + 3 thin shims, where applicable)

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