Part Numbers

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Example of a KATO CoilThread Gage part number:


Tool Type1
Thread Designation2 Size Designation3 Style / Type 4 Class of Fit5
CG - CoilThread Gage (STI) C - Unified Coarse Chart Below X - Working  See notes at the bottom
F - Unified Fine W - References  
M - Metric    

Working Gages Reference Gages
3B 2B 3B 2B
Unified Coarse
2-56 CGC-02X-3B CGC-02X-2B CGC-02W-3B CGC-02W-2B
3-48 CGC-03X-3B CGC-03X-2B CGC-03W-3B CGC-03W-2B
4-40 CGC-04X-3B CGC-04X-2B CGC-04W-3B CGC-04W-2B
5-40 CGC-05X-3B CGC-05X-2B CGC-05W-3B CGC-05W-2B
6-32 CGC-06X-3B CGC-06X-2B CGC-06W-3B CGC-06W-2B
8-32 CGC-2X-3B CGC-2X-2B CGC-2W-3B CGC-2W-2B
10-24 CGC-3X-3B CGC-3X-2B CGC-3W-3B CGC-3W-2B
12-24 CGC-1X-3B CGC-1X-2B CGC-1W-3B CGC-1W-2B
1/4-20 CGC-4X-3B CGC-4X-2B CGC-4W-3B CGC-4W-2B
5/16-18 CGC-5X-3B CGC-5X-2B CGC-5W-3B CGC-5W-2B
3/8-16 CGC-6X-3B CGC-6X-2B CGC-6W-3B CGC-6W-2B
7/16-14 CGC-7X-3B CGC-7X-2B CGC-7W-3B CGC-7W-2B
1/2-13 CGC-8X-3B CGC-8X-2B CGC-8W-3B CGC-8W-2B
9/16-12 CGC-9X-3B CGC-9X-2B CGC-9W-3B CGC-9W-2B
5/8-11 CGC-10X-3B CGC-10X-2B CGC-10W-3B CGC-10W-2B
3/4-10 CGC-12X-3B CGC-12X-2B CGC-12W-3B CGC-12W-2B
7/8-9 CGC-14X-3B CGC-14X-2B CGC-14W-3B CGC-14W-2B
1-8 CGC-16X-3B CGC-16X-2B CGC-16W-3B CGC-16W-2B
1-1/8-7 CGC-18X-3B CGC-18X-2B CGC-18W-3B CGC-18W-2B
1-1/4-7 CGC-20X-3B CGC-20X-2B CGC-20W-3B CGC-20W-2B
1-3/8-6 CGC-22X-3B CGC-22X-2B CGC-22W-3B CGC-22W-2B
1-1/2-6 CGC-24X-3B CGC-24X-2B CGC-24W-3B CGC-24W-2B
Unified Fine
0-80 CGF-00X-3B CGF-00X-2B CGF-00W-3B CGF-00W-2B
3-56 CGF-03X-3B CGF-03X-2B CGF-03W-3B CGF-03W-2B
4-48 CGF-04X-3B CGF-04X-2B CGF-04W-3B CGF-04W-2B
6-40 CGF-06X-3B CGF-06X-2B CGF-06W-3B CGF-06W-2B
8-36 CGF-2X-3B CGF-2X-2B CGF-2W-3B CGF-2W-2B
10-32 CGF-3X-3B CGF-3X-2B CGF-3W-3B CGF-3W-2B
1/4-28 CGF-4X-3B CGF-4X-2B CGF-4W-3B CGF-4W-2B
5/16-24 CGF-5X-3B CGF-5X-2B CGF-5W-3B CGF-5W-2B
3/8-24 CGF-6X-3B CGF-6X-2B CGF-6W-3B CGF-6W-2B
7/16-20 CGF-7X-3B CGF-7X-2B CGF-7W-3B CGF-7W-2B
1/2-20 CGF-8X-3B CGF-8X-2B CGF-8W-3B CGF-8W-2B
9/16-18 CGF-9X-3B CGF-9X-2B CGF-9W-3B CGF-9W-2B
5/8-18 CGF-10X-3B CGF-10X-2B CGF-10W-3B CGF-10W-2B
3/4-16 CGF-12X-3B CGF-12X-2B CGF-12W-3B CGF-12W-2B
7/8-14 CGF-14X-3B CGF-14X-2B CGF-14W-3B CGF-14W-2B
1-12 CGF-161X-3B CGF-161X-2B CGF-161W-3B CGF-161W-2B
1-14 CGF-16X-3B CGF-16X-2B CGF-16W-3B CGF-16W-2B
1-1/8-12 CGF-18X-3B CGF-18X-2B CGF-18W-3B CGF-18W-2B
1-1/4-12 CGF-20X-3B CGF-20X-2B CGF-20W-3B CGF-20W-2B
1-3/8-12 CGF-22X-3B CGF-22X-2B CGF-22W-3B CGF-22W-2B
1-1/2-12 CGF-24X-3B CGF-24X-2B CGF-24W-3B CGF-24W-2B
Working Gages
4H 5H
Metric Coarse
 M2X0.4 CGM-2X.4-4H CGM-2X.4-5H
M2.2X.45 CGM-2.2X.45-4H CGM-2.2X.45-5H
M2.5X.45 CGM-2.5X.45-4H CGM-2.5X.45-5H
M3X.5 CGM-3X.5-4H CGM-3X.5-5H
M3.5X.6 CGM-3.5X.6-4H CGM-3.5X.6-5H
M4X.7 CGM-4X.7-4H CGM-4X.7-5H
M5X.8 CGM-5X.8-4H CGM-5X.8-5H
M6X1 CGM-6X1-4H CGM-6X1-5H
M7X1 CGM-7X1-4H CGM-7X1-5H
M8X1.25 CGM-8X1.25-4H CGM-8X1.25-5H
M10X1.5 CGM-10X1.5-4H CGM-10X1.5-5H
M12X1.75 CGM-12X1.75-4H CGM-12X1.75-5H
M14X2 CGM-14X2-4H CGM-14X2-5H
M16X2 CGM-16X2-4H CGM-16X2-5H
M18X2.5 CGM-18X2.5-4H CGM-18X2.5-5H
M20X2.5 CGM-20X2.5-4H CGM-20X2.5-5H
M22X2.5 CGM-22X2.5-4H CGM-22X2.5-5H
M24X3 CGM-24X3-4H CGM-24X3-5H
M27X3 CGM-27X3-4H CGM-27X3-5H
Metric Fine
 M8X1 CGM-8X1-4H CGM-8X1-5H
M10X1 CGM-10X1-4H CGM-10X1-5H
M10X1.25 CGM-10X1.25-4H CGM-10X1.25-5H
M12X1.25 CGM-12X1.25-4H CGM-12X1.25-5H
M12X1.5 CGM-12X1.5-4H CGM-12X1.5-5H
M14X1.5 CGM-14X1.5-4H CGM-14X1.5-5H
M16X1.5 CGM-16X1.5-4H CGM-16X1.5-5H
M18X1.5 CGM-18X1.5-4H CGM-18X1.5-5H
M20X1.5 CGM-20X1.5-4H CGM-20X1.5-5H
M22X1.5 CGM-22X1.5-4H CGM-22X1.5-5H
M18X2 CGM-18X2-4H CGM-18X2-5H
M20X2 CGM-20X2-4H CGM-20X2-5H
M22X2 CGM-22X2-4H CGM-22X2-5H
M24X2 CGM-24X2-4H CGM-24X2-5H
M27X2 CGM-27X2-4H CGM-27X2-5H
M30X2 CGM-30X2-4H CGM-30X2-5H
M39X2 CGM-39X2-4H CGM-39X2-5H
M36X3 CGM-36X3-4H CGM-36X3-5H
M39X3 CGM-39X3-4H CGM-39X3-5H


  • The Working Gage "GO" member has a .0002 wear allowance on the pitch diameter.
  • Gaging of the tapped thread is specified because a standard gage may not freely enter an installed insert. The insert will seat itself once a bolt or screw is installed and tightened.
  • The "GO" member checks basic pitch diameters, major diameter minimum and lead. The "HI" member checks maximum pitch diameter. Minior diameter is checked separately with a graduated pin set, for example.
  • The Class of Fit specifies the pitch diameter tolerance of the tapped hole, with class 3B (Unified) and 4H (Metric) being the tighter range usually specified in military/aerospace applications. Class 2B (Unified) and 5H (Metric) gages have a broader tolerance range and are normally specified in commerical/industrial applications.