Introducing M2 Tangless CoilThread Insert


Once again, KATO defines the cutting edge in the helically coiled screw thread insert industry. As technology moves forward, things get progressively smaller and more powerful. This is true for everything from electronics to mechanical components. As a result, and in response to this trend, KATO developed innovative new technology that pushes the envelope of wire insert manufacturing. Our new, Tangless metric M2 inserts are the latest example of this.

KATO utilized the same diamond-shaped wire technology and advanced nano manufacturing techniques to make KATO M2 Tangless inserts the industry's best and most reliable helical coil screw thread insert.

The new M2 Tangless CoilThread Insert is currently available in free-running 1, 1-1/2, and 2 diameter nominal lengths. STI taps, STI gages, Installation, and Removal tools for the M2 Tangless CoilThread Inserts are also available. KATO offers the Hex Electric (2KHE Series) and the Round Electric (2KRE series) tools for faster installation and increased productivity. The 2KRE tool can be used for manual installation with the optional handle (2KREH-MI). The KATO Removal tool (2KRTM-2) is available for non-destructive Tangless insert removal.

With an OD as small as 2.5mm, and a wire cross-section as small as 0.274mm by 0.389mm KATO M2 Tangless CoilThread Inserts are the world's smallest Tangless insert yet!